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QueueMaster Barriers


QueueMaster retractable belt barriers are the go to queue barrier for permanent or temporary indoor and outdoor queue barrier solutions. These affordable belt barriers each contain a 3.4m retractable webbing system and are interconnectable with 4 way connectivity meaning you can change your queueing system to adjust to the fluctuating footfall at any time.

With barriers available in polished silver or black and belts in any number of different colours and printed finishes we have a variety and choice to suit a whole range of different queue barrier needs.

Quantity Discounts

Queue barriers come with quantity based discounts from when you purchase 2 or more. Simply select your requirements and quantities below to see how much you could save.

All retractable belt barriers are stock items and come with FREE NATIONWIDE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY.

Retractable Barriers

Step 1. Post Finish

Powder Coated Black
Powder Coated Black
Polished Silver
Polished Silver

Step 2. Belt Colour

Black + £0.00
Red + £0.00
Blue + £0.00
Light Blue
Light Blue + £0.00
Dark Blue
Dark Blue + £0.00
Dark Green
Dark Green + £0.00
Green + £0.00
Orange + £0.00
Maroon + £0.00
Yellow + £0.00
Purple + £0.00
Light Grey
Light Grey + £0.00
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Pink + £0.00
Yellow/Black Chevron
Yellow/Black Chevron + £3.00
Orange/Black Chevron
Orange/Black Chevron + £3.00
Red/Black Chevron
Red/Black Chevron + £3.00
Red/White Chevron
Red/White Chevron + £3.00
Caution Wet Floor - B/Y
Caution Wet Floor - B/Y + £9.00
Cleaning In Progress - B/Y
Cleaning In Progress - B/Y + £9.00
Out Of Service - B/Y
Out Of Service - B/Y + £9.00
Caution-Do Not Enter - B/Y
Caution-Do Not Enter - B/Y + £9.00
Authorized Access Only - B/Y
Authorized Access Only - B/Y + £9.00
Danger-Forklift Trucks - B/Y
Danger-Forklift Trucks - B/Y + £9.00
Danger-Keep Out - W/R
Danger-Keep Out - W/R + £9.00
No Parking - W/R
No Parking - W/R + £9.00
Authorized Access Only - W/R
Authorized Access Only - W/R + £9.00
No Entry - W/R
No Entry - W/R + £9.00
Caution-Do Not Enter - W/R
Caution-Do Not Enter - W/R + £9.00

Step 3. Quantity required

Step 4. Required delivery date

Step 5. Add to Order

Product Summary

Post Finish

Belt Colour

Quantity required

Required delivery date

Total Price

Delivery Information

As a family run business our primary focus is on customer satisfaction, it is at the core of our values and as such we will always dispatch our goods in accordance with the timescales you have selected. However please note the following two important pieces of information:

  1. The delivery date selected can only be achieved if hi-resolution ready to print artwork is uploaded at the checkout stage, if the artwork is incorrectly sized/formatted or is of a low quality meaning new artwork is required this will delay delivery
  2. These goods are sent out via overnight parcel carriers, as such we can never guarantee that the parcel carrier will deliver in time. If you have an absolute deadline that cannot be missed such as an event taking place on a certain day, we suggest that you contact us for a tailored quote to include a direct courier delivery, this way we will load your goods onto a dedictaed vehicle which will then deliver direct to your required site